Al Fundeburk here from the Southaven campus!
We had a great time serving Desoto Arts Institute in what was really the Jumpstart for their first physical location, cleaning up part of the old "Lollipops" entertainment center in Southaven. This space is being converted into at least 3 teaching studios for the community:
1. Movie Studio (soundstage/set and prop/and Event room)
2. Recording Studio (Music production and Audio for Video)
3. Dance Studio
The work we started has continued as an ongoing, weekly event on Saturday mornings as "we" (I am going to be teaching audio & recording) continue to ready the space for the next phase, construction!
Our team was STELLAR! Stephen Stofsick led the charge like a machine: he is a get it done guy! The entire Guerra FAMILY and Travis and Ryder Russell were all there, and all in!
Soon students of all ages (including adult learners) will be taught storytelling, writing, scripting, casting, acting, lighting, film-making, motion graphics, photography, voice, instruments, Audio Visual Arts and other arts as instructors and workshops become available. Currently DAI has been making faith based short films to place in national film festivals.
The group from DAI could not be more thankful or complimentary of our LF Serve team!



My name is Kylie Bowers, and I attend the Southaven Campus. I was apart of the Horn Lake Supply Closet for 2017 SERVE DAY.
The reason I picked this project is because it was an amazing way to show our teachers and students in our community how much we love and support them by bringing school supplies in. It was such a blessing for my group to write encouraging notes to those receiving the supplies. It was a great way to share the gospel with the students and teachers who may not hear about God a lot.
At the end of our day, we got to bless a woman in Walmart with some money to help buy her groceries. It was such a great way to share the love of God in our community.



My name is Madison Haley, and I attend Olive Branch Campus. I was a part of the Lewisburg High School parking lot painting/campus clean up.
This project simply blessed the community by giving back to a school who has done so much, helping to bring up so much of our next generation. Serving with my team was wonderful. Every single person was so eager to serve and would have done absolutely whatever it took to make our project possible. Each person was out there for the right reasons and gave every bit of the glory to God in the process.
The majority of this project was completed by our next generation. I just cannot wait to see what God does in Desoto County with people my age. We're a generation perceived as hopeless and self absorbed, but it was obvious by the people I served alongside that is not the case at all.



My name is Dillon Nolan, and I attend Southaven campus.
I was a part of the Widow Home Assistance on SERVE DAY with Brian Howell. I picked the project because I love helping people and volunteering is fun for me to do. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and makes me happy when I know I was able to make someone’s day better.
We were able to help a lady with a lot of yard work she isn’t able to do herself. It was amazing for us to see the gratitude and joy on her face. We helped her community by fixing up her garden and other things to make it neat and clean for her.
The work we did and the group attitude was amazing. Everyone was full of energy and very welcoming, and I still talk to some of them today. I would totally love to add to this project and can’t wait for another opportunity to serve again.